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Cocopeat is a natural growing medium made from the husk of a coconut. It is also known as Coco coir, coir fiber, or coconut fiber. Coconuts are extremely versatile because, in addition to food, they can be used to make other materials. The long fibers from the husks are used to make ropes and brushes, among other things, and the coir pith and shorter fibers are bi-products that we use to make our products. 

Cocopeat is a great sustainable alternative to other growing media because of its excellent absorption properties and ability to hold nutrients. 

Following production, the product is compressed to the required size and packaged for transportation. When the compressed and dried products arrive at the final destination, the grower can simply lay them out and rehydrate them in place, avoiding the process and cost of moving wet cocopeat.

Unlike peat moss, which takes centuries to evolve, coco peat is a renewable resource that makes an excellent mulch for gardeners. Coco peat drains well and holds 30% more water than peat moss. The widespread use of traditional peat moss in horticulture has resulted in the depletion of natural bogs (swamps), which are an important part of our wildlife heritage. Because many highly adapted plant and animal species are only found in peat bogs, peat moss extraction harms the unique and fragile wetlands ecosystem. The world’s wetlands are being destroyed at an alarming rate. We can all contribute to the preservation of peat bogs by using alternative substrates to peat moss, such as coco peat. More information on how we care for the environment 

Coir Substrate is a superior growing medium obtained from coconut husks. Coir (also known as Coco peat) is ideal for hydroponic crops of all types. Coir substrate, with its excellent properties for accurately steering your crop, can help you to improve crop yield and quality to obtain disease resistance and better produce, reduce labor problems, control crop growth, and more.

We at Shenlygrow strive to provide eco-friendly, sustainable solutions based on renewable resources to growers all over the world by providing innovative and affordable growing solutions. 

As a manufacturer, we maintain strict quality control throughout all stages of production, from the raw material selection at the source to the creation of custom mixes to processing, packaging, and palletizing. 

One of our key factors is driving customer expectations, with a specialized team that designs mixes, formats, and packaging to meet our customer’s needs and constantly adapts to market demands.

We use recyclable plastic as standard for all of our products that require plastic packaging, such as Coir grow bags and Coir open tops. Please visit this page for more information on our environmental policies.

We tailor each product to the needs of the grower, from the coir mix to the bag’s plastic. We can make grow bags in lengths ranging from 100 to 120cm, with optional width and height.

We are also flexible about the planting, dripper, and drainage holes, which we can pre-cut in the grow bag at no extra charge if needed. To facilitate wetting the slabs, we can drill holes directly into the coir at dripper points as needed. We only use high-quality, UV-treated plastic that is recyclable or biodegradable.

For growers looking for the flexibility of growing in troughs, we can provide Coir slabs without plastic to place in the trough and re-hydrate simply. This gives a more flexible method of growing, meaning that the number of plants per meter can be changed year on year, and the troughs can be moved around without disturbing the rooting of the plant. 

As a manufacturer of superior quality coco substrates for over one-half decades, utilizing a renewable resource (coconut husks), we ensure that our values comprehend through all spheres of our operations from ethical sourcing of our raw material to responsible value addition.

We strive to maintain the best working conditions in our factories. We have a strict no child labor policy, set working hours, and regular, ample rest periods. Supervisors are constantly present to ensure that the health and safety measures are always met. We provide our employees key benefits, including a wage above the industry average, a healthcare scheme, meals at work for all employees, and transport to and from the factory.

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