Coir Grow Bags

Hydroponics Grow Bags are coir compressed slabs wrapped in a white/black polyethylene bag that are a popular multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The slabs are extremely versatile and can be used on table tops in glasshouses, hydroponic greenhouses, and poly-tunnel growing systems. We also make coir slabs without plastic.

● Use: Ready-to-use growing medium
● Available Dimensions : Length: 100 – 120 cm, Width: 15 – 20 cm, Height: 10 – 15 cm
● Product mixes: Eco, Blend, Smooth, Crush, Crush Pro
● Conductivity options: High EC / Low EC
● Format available with planting/drainage holes.

coir grow bags by shenly grow

Most Suitable For :

Faster Root Growth And Healthier Stem
Evenly Distributed
Balance pH With Low EC And High EC
Optimizes The Use Of Water And Fertilizer

Mix Specifications

Shenly Grow offers a range of mixes for growers incorporating coir pith and coir chips, and short fiber in varied ratios to offer the required water content.
Each of our mixes has been specifically designed to induce the required plant stage based on crop needs, climate conditions, irrigation system, irrigation method, and growing period duration.
We have developed five types of mixes to induce the required plant stages. These mixes are available in Low EC and High EC, and we can create custom coir and chip mixes or ratios to meet your specifications.

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