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At Shenly Grow, we manufacture coco peat substrates that help growers in Sri Lanka and around the globe increase production quality and get the best crop yields as quickly as possible.


Eco- Friendly Sustainable Growing Solutions

Crop-Specific High-Quality
Coir substrates Formulated For Massive Yields

Coir Substrate Farming Solutions Tailored To Your Needs.

We can adapt a solution to your individual needs whether you are planning a new farm or have an existing farm. We offer coir substrate and farming solutions that can be tailored to any crop kind, site infrastructure, or climatic conditions.

coco peat products by shenly grow


Produces significantly higher crop yield than standard growing methods

Exceptional Quality

Thoroughly quality tested multiple times during the manufacturing

Quick Crop Growth

On average crops grow 50% faster than the growth in normal soil

Disease Resistant

Protects root structures from fungal infections and other diseases

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Driving customers' expectations are one of our key factors, with a specialized team that designs mixes, formats, and packaging to suit the needs of our customers and constantly adapts to market demands.

Specialized Coir

Designed For


Browse our coco substrate product range. We keep a tight rein on quality control throughout all stages of production from the selection of raw materials at the source and the creation of bespoke mixes to processing, packaging, and palletizing.

coir grow bags by shenly grow

Coir Grow Bags

Multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits, and flowers are made up of a special blend of coco peat and husk chips

blocks and briquettes by shenly grow

Blocks and Briquettes

Specially curated for hobby growers to enhance soft fruit, vegetable and floral crop growth and obtain a higher yield.

coir open tops by shenly grow

Coir Open Tops

Organic bags developed for berry growers, Cannabis growers, and large plants for easy growing.

Hear from Professionals

It is a pleasure to do business with a reputable company like Shenly, which manufactures high-quality cocopeat products.

Axel Baeyens

The correct combination of quality is our secret to dealing with Shenly Grow. Further, the right quality and timely delivery are important motivators for us to source products for Shenly Grow.

Alexander Sieland

I work with Shenly because it is a quality-conscious company, and they know the products that growers require.

Daniel’s Plum

Our Growing Media requirements were perfectly met, and the value of money reflects the products of Shenly Grow.

Petra Strautker

Shenly Grow did an excellent job of meeting my requirements in a timely manner.

Samal Tolengutova

Shenly Grow products have had a positive impact on my harvest.

Sabina Cipullo

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